Arnold Prints Ash Ketchum Embroidery design file

Ash Ketchum Hat Inspired Embroidery Flat satin & Tatami Fill Embroidery Stitch File

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Perfect for all our Pokemon Go fans and the original Pokemon fans.
Embroidery your own hats, bats, and other gear.

This amazing digitization file has nice satin borders and a fill stitch on the inside.
Note that when embroidering on foam hats double backing is suggested as the material may pull distorting the image.

Digital Download Files

5956 Stitch count

Suggested thread color is Forest green to Mid Green

Suggested hat is White front, red bill, and red back. Possibly trucker style.

Note the design will be in .ZIP file
ArnoldPrints is not responsible for opening the zip file if WinZip or other means is not available.

the file is sized at 3.9"x 2.12" which will fit almost any commercial embroidery machine

Since this product is a digital download please see your digital download wallet for the file and or email.

No returns accepted as once the file is delivered it is non refundable.

ArnoldPrints does not assume any responsibility for garments, copyright infringements, and or errors while embroidering.



Absolutely Perfect! My kiddo loved the hat. It looks lime the actual real hat from the show. Amazing quality!


Very well made hat. I have owned 3 Kanto-era Ash Ketchum hats since I started cosplaying and this one is definitely the best. Overall very pleased!