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Screen Printing

At Arnold Prints®, our skilled screen print team is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce top-quality garments. We utilize industry-leading Workhorse & M&R Cobra screen print presses, renowned for their excellence. These advanced machines, featuring a hot roller, ensure that the shirts we produce have an unmatched feel and quality. We offer various printing techniques, including Spot Color, CMYK, and Simulated Process, to cater to a wide range of design needs.

- Spot Color
- Simulated Process
- Halftone Printing

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Arnold Prints' Embroidery Services boast the finest machinery in the industry, exclusively using Barudan Embroidery machines. Known for their high production capacity and exceptional detail, these machines enable us to deliver outstanding embroidery work. Don't hesitate to inquire about our renowned 3D Puff hats, a signature offering that showcases our expertise and quality craftsmanship.

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Digital printing

Certain printing projects require specialized techniques, especially those involving multiple colors or complex gradients that challenge traditional screen printing methods. To accommodate these unique demands, we offer several advanced printing options at Arnold Prints, including:
- Direct To Garment (DTG)
 - PrintingSublimation
 - PrintingDirect To Film (DTF) Printing
These methods ensure high-quality results for even the most intricate designs.

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laser engraving

Interested in a customized gift? Arnold Print Shop offers exceptional engraving services, ideal for personalizing metal or coated items. Our advanced laser technology enables us to etch metal, engrave wood, cut fabric, etch tumblers, and perform many more intricate tasks.Feel free to contact us today with any inquiries regarding our engraving and etching services!

how to start


The initial phase of our process involves you submitting your print-ready artwork in high-resolution or vector format. We typically expect files from Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It's important to include a mockup of the final product for reference. Commonly accepted file formats include .AI, .EPS, and .PSD. Additionally, we'll need specific details of the job such as quantity, type, color, and mockups. This information is crucial for us to accurately fulfill your requirements.


Once we've reviewed your artwork and the specifics of the job, we will provide you with a formal quote. The intricacies of the job and the required timeframe are significant factors in determining the final pricing. For a general idea of what to expect in terms of costs, please refer to our Contract Printing section, where you can find typical pricing structures and estimates. This will give you a clearer understanding of the potential investment for your project.


In this stage, you'll have the opportunity to thoroughly review the quote and all details of the job. It's important to ensure everything aligns with your expectations and requirements. Once you are satisfied and everything appears in order, we'll need your formal approval to proceed. Following your approval, we move into the actual production phase. Please note that the typical turnaround time for projects is approximately 2 weeks, ensuring we deliver quality results within a reasonable timeframe.


At this stage, our dedicated team will finalize your project, preparing it for either pickup or shipping. We offer shipping across the United States and, in certain cases, can facilitate international deliveries. Additionally, if you require a blind drop shipping service, we are equipped to accommodate such requests, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery process tailored to your specific needs.

who are our customers?

Local Businesses

Small to Large

Arnold Prints® engages with a wide array of business clients across Florida, with our base in the Loxahatchee region of Palm Beach County. Our clientele includes sectors like construction, pressure cleaning, culinary establishments, local storefronts, fellow printing enterprises, and many others. This broad spectrum of partnerships showcases our adaptability and dedication to meeting the varied requirements of the business community in our area.

Star-up Brands

New Brands

At Arnold Prints®, we are passionate about supporting start-up brands, helping them accelerate their growth from the ground up. Our expertise in utilizing premium apparel and innovative marketing strategies has been instrumental in enabling small businesses to scale rapidly and effectively.

Fitness Apparel Brands

Worldwide Companies

Over the years, Arnold Prints® has played a pivotal role in elevating various fitness brands. Our services in printing and embroidery have contributed to transforming these brands into more prominent figures in their respective niches. We proudly cater to multi-million dollar fitness brands, providing services that span worldwide supply chains, showcasing our capacity to support and enhance global brand growth.

Local Print Shops

Print-shops that need Services

Arnold Prints® offers exceptional contract services tailored for local print shops. If you don't have embroidery or screen printing capabilities in-house, we're here to support you. Our services enable you to expand your business without the added overhead, ensuring you don't miss out on important jobs. With our competitive rates and high-quality products, you can start enhancing your growth and offerings today.

Large Corporations

Fortune 500 Companies

Arnold Prints® takes pride in serving several large corporations, with our most rewarding projects being for hospitals, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, behavioral health facilities, and more. We've successfully transformed their marketing budgets into impactful and valuable promotional tools. After all, everyone appreciates wearing a comfortable, well-made shirt daily. These garments effectively become walking billboards, extending the reach and visibility of these organizations every day.

Educational Institutions

Primary & Secondary Education

Throughout the years, Arnold Prints® has been the go-to printer for both elementary schools and prestigious colleges in the South Florida region. Whether it's for groups, PTAs, sports teams, or any other printing needs, we are the premier print shop in South Florida, known for our quality, reliability, and tailored services to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions.

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