From Nurse to Print Visionary: The Remarkable Story of Arnold Prints®' Rise in Screen Printing and Embroidery

Arnold Prints®: The Evolution of a Screen Printing and Embroidery Titan

From its modest origins to its status as a trailblazer in the apparel and design industry, Arnold Prints® embodies a saga of passion, innovation, and resilience. What began as a small side project has flourished into a dominant force in screen printing and embroidery, showcasing a commitment to excellence and creativity.

The Foundational Years: 2013 and the Birth of Innovation It all started in 2013 in Loxahatchee, Palm Beach County, when Kevin, a visionary Emergency Department nurse, leveraged his high school screen printing skills to tackle an urgent challenge. Utilizing a Silhouette Cameo for heat transfer vinyl (HTV) printing, Kevin set the stage for what would evolve into Arnold Prints®—a name now synonymous with quality and innovation in screen printing services.

Diversification into Apparel: Launching Grimm Apparel Driven by entrepreneurial spirit, Kevin expanded into the fitness apparel market with 'Grimm Apparel,' distinguished by its unique Grim Reaper logo. The brand quickly became popular in local gyms, setting the foundation for what would soon be a diverse and thriving enterprise.

Cultivating a Niche: The Rise of ER LIFE Inspired by lifestyle brands like Salt Life, Kevin created 'ER LIFE,' catering specifically to the culture and needs of ER nurses. Starting with HTV designs and evolving into full-fledged screen printing, ER LIFE exemplified how targeted branding and innovative print shop services could captivate an audience.

2015: Embroidery Excellence and 3D Puff Innovation A milestone year, 2015 saw Arnold Prints® acquire its first embroidery machine, quickly becoming a local leader in 3D puff embroidery. This expertise brought the brand to national platforms like BET and international strongman competitions, underscoring its prowess in high-quality embroidery services.

Expanding Horizons: Broadening Services and Reach Arnold Prints® continued to expand, incorporating a wide array of services including wide format printing, sublimation, DTG printing, and more. The introduction of private labeling and e-commerce solutions further solidified its reputation as a versatile and comprehensive print shop capable of meeting a broad spectrum of client needs.

Today: A Beacon of Industry Excellence Today, Arnold Prints® is not just a business; it’s a leader in the screen printing and embroidery industry, known for guiding new apparel brands toward success. With a full suite of top-tier embroidery machines, automatic and manual screen presses, and cutting-edge laser and vinyl cutting equipment, Arnold Prints® stands as a beacon of innovation and quality.

Embark on Your Brand’s Journey with Arnold Prints® Experience the Arnold Prints® difference where every stitch tells a story of innovation, and every print is a testament to dedication. Visit us to explore how we combine creativity with quality, transforming ambitions into tangible successes. Discover Arnold Prints®, where your brand’s potential becomes a reality through expert screen printing and embroidery services.