Arnold Prints® Unveils Cutting-Edge M&R Cobra Press: Revolutionizing Screen Printing in Loxahatchee

Arnold Prints® Unveils the M&R Cobra 8/10: Redefining Excellence in Screen Printing

We at Arnold Prints®, a leader in the screen printing and embroidery industry based in Loxahatchee, Florida, are excited to announce a significant upgrade to our printing capabilities with the introduction of the M&R Cobra 8/10, equipped with advanced flashes and a hothead. This cutting-edge machine represents a monumental step forward in our commitment to delivering superior print quality and operational efficiency.

Farewell to the TUFF Javelin 6/8 Automatic Print Press

As we welcome the M&R Cobra, we also bid farewell to our reliable TUFF Javelin 6/8 Automatic Print Press. Since its introduction in 1998 and throughout its service over the past 4-5 years, this press has been a cornerstone of our operations. Enhanced with a Flashback unit on head one, a Chopper on heads 1 and 6, and a Flash unit on head 3, the TUFF Javelin has adeptly managed our bulk orders, especially after its transition to Workhorse Sabre parts. We honor its years of dependable service as we transition to more advanced technology.

Introducing the Revolutionary M&R Cobra 8/10

The M&R Cobra is not merely an upgrade—it is a revolution in screen printing technology. It is designed to excel in the digital age, compatible with innovative tools like the Digital Squeegee, and sets new benchmarks in print quality and capabilities. With the addition of the M&R Hot Head Unit, the Cobra promises to deliver super soft prints with exceptionally precise color laydown, particularly notable in underbase applications. This state-of-the-art technology is the first of its kind in our county, significantly enhancing the services we offer to our clients.

Operational Efficiency and Enhanced Service

The M&R Cobra excels in operational efficiency, offering faster turnaround times for even the most complex printing jobs. This enhancement is perfectly aligned with our strategic goals to scale up operations and improve lead times, allowing us to meet the increasing demands of our clients more effectively. Our dedication to outstanding quality is unwavering, and with the Cobra, we are equipped to uphold and extend our reputation for excellence.

Arnold Prints®: Your Premier Printing Partner

At Arnold Prints®, we pride ourselves on utilizing the best presses the industry has to offer, and the M&R Cobra is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Whether you are seeking a new contract printer or require top-notch printing services, Arnold Prints® in Loxahatchee, Florida, is ready to exceed your expectations with the latest in technology and innovation.

Join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter as we continue to redefine printing excellence. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and insights into how the M&R Cobra 8/10 is transforming our production capabilities and setting new standards in the screen printing industry. Visit Arnold Prints® for all your printing needs and experience the future of screen printing technology firsthand.