A New Beginning with the M&R Cobra Automatic Screen Printing at Arnold Prints®

A New Beginning with the M&R Cobra Automatic Screen Printing at Arnold Prints®

We were bit by the Cobra recently.....

Arnold Prints® has been looking for the newest edge of technology to help production and provide the highest quality prints possible.  We chose the M&R Cobra as our new press and possibly to be our forever machine.  Previously we were using a TUF Javelin Workhorse Product that fell short.


The Cobra made by M&R is one of the industry top automatic screen print presses.  Our other options were the Ryonet ROQ or MHM as those are also the industry leaders in technology and quality prints.  The lead time of purchasing was four months which is now around 5-6 months as the pandemic has effected production and supplies around the world.


Key Features Arnold Prints® was interested in:

Servo Drive:  The print heads are all electric and so is the indexing system.  This mean super fast, accurate, and consistent prints.  Also no lag time relying on air.

Flat Indexing Base: This allows a 1.5x more shirts in production than indexing and also helps efficiency.  The second reason we wanted this was to be future proof for digital printing with the Digital Squeegee.

Easy Off Contact Adjustment:  This feature is amazing compared to our previous press that required measurements and multiple tools.  The Cobra has a twist knob and done.  There also is independent adjusting for the front and back.  This is super useful when doing hoodies or other odd prints. 

Precise Registration:  The registration on this press is nothing short of tight.  The registration system utilizes milled knobs and has amazing ease of use.  The other great thing on this press is the ability to use a Tri-Loc easy registration system.  It takes 90% of the registration work out of the job.  Increased speed and efficiency. 

Digital Display Control:  The lasers attach to this unit to help with job accuracy and placement.  The display OS helps navigate what is on the press and the modes.  There is alot of options.  This is great because we can do flash, hot head rolling, and much more

HotHead Roller:  This feature came in clutch.  We were post pressing some shirts for boutiques taking up more time.  Now this is done on press; fast and accurate.  Next stop for the smoothest prints in the game and also help with lint reduction. 


     The M&R Companies' COBRA series of automatic screen printing presses, encompassing the COBRA E and COBRA TSE models, represent a pinnacle of innovation and quality in the screen printing industry. These presses combine high-speed production capabilities with durable craftsmanship, making them an ideal choice for professional screen printers looking to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Key Features of the COBRA Series:

1. Advanced Carousel/Indexer System:Both the COBRA E and TSE models boast a robust and smooth-operating carousel/indexer system, ensuring quiet operation and durability. The COBRA TSE even includes a Double-Index capability, further enhancing its operational efficiency.

2. Cutting-edge Control Center: Featuring an icon-based, high-resolution Human Machine Interface (HMI), these presses offer an intuitive control experience. The COBRA series includes a countdown program, Enhanced Maintenance Minder™ System, and onboard self-diagnostics, providing operators with comprehensive control and maintenance support.

3. Laser Locator System: This system aids operators in precise garment positioning, speeding up the process and ensuring accuracy in printing.

4. Sophisticated Pallet System: Both models come equipped with an advanced pallet leveling system and tool-free quick release pallet locks, facilitating easier and quicker changeovers.

5. Innovative Printheads: The COBRA presses feature electric-drive motors for smooth movement, and new membrane switch controls for squeegee/floodbar speed settings, enabling quicker setup and enhanced repeatability.

6. Revolver Print Program and Squeegee/Floodbar Adjustments: These features allow for automated operation of individual printheads in a programmed sequence and offer independent speed and angle adjustments for squeegees and floodbars.

7. Versatility and Compatibility: Both COBRA models are compatible with M&R’s Tri-Loc® and Tri-Sync™ Rapid Registration Systems and can accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes.

8. Compliance and Safety: The COBRA series is CE & UL compliant, adhering to international safety and operational standards.

9. Hybrid-Printing Ready (COBRA TSE): The COBRA TSE is designed for hybrid printing, equipped with additional flash cure communication ports and a ball-screw indexing system, catering to future digital integration.

10. Customer Support and Warranty: M&R provides exceptional service and support, including a 24-hour hotline and access to their Training Center, backed by a two-year limited warranty.

The COBRA series is a testament to M&R’s commitment to quality, durability, and innovation. These presses are engineered to meet the high demands of modern screen printing operations, offering an array of features that streamline production and enhance print quality. They are a perfect fit for print shops of all sizes, aiming to scale up production and maintain high-quality prints. Whether it’s the COBRA E or the more advanced COBRA TSE, these presses are designed to deliver unmatched performance and reliability, solidifying M&R's reputation as a leader in the screen printing equipment industry.

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