Discover the Top Embroidery Machines: Barudan, Tajima, and ZSK

Discover the Top Embroidery Machines: Barudan, Tajima, and ZSK

When it comes to embroidery, precision and quality are paramount. Arnold Prints® understands this well, which is why we exclusively rely on Barudan embroidery machines to ensure the best stitch quality and stunning 3D Puff designs in the industry. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the top embroidery machine brands - Barudan, Tajima, and ZSK - to help you make an informed decision if you're considering purchasing your first embroidery machine.

Barudan: The Industry Leader
Barudan holds the number one spot in the embroidery machine industry for several reasons. Known for its exceptional build quality and reliability, Barudan machines are a top choice for businesses of all sizes. Arnold Prints® has owned 4 Barudan machines and stitched them head to head with the other brands.  These machines create tight small text and work the best on hats.  The real king of caps.  The Cap frames and rounded throat plate make doing Richardson 112 hats a breeze.  Here are some key specifications:

- Price Range: Barudan machines range from $18,000 to $80,000, depending on the model and features.  1 head to 8 head models.
- Stitch Quality: Barudan machines offer precise and consistent stitching, making them perfect for intricate designs.
- Durability: These machines are built to last, ensuring a long-term investment.  Relatively easy to work on and easy to source parts.

Tajima: Innovation and Precision
Tajima embroidery machines are renowned for their innovation and precision. They are often the choice of those who demand the utmost quality. We owned 2 of these brand machines in the past.  The older models do not operate well.  The newer machines can do caps and flats with ease.  Highly suggest a machine that has a color screen for better results.  The older models with the white head with black dial wheel are sub par and will not do hats well.  Here's what you need to know:

- Price Range: Tajima machines range from $12,000 to $75,000, depending on the model and features. 1 to 8 head models.
- Advanced Features: Tajima machines come equipped with advanced features such as automatic thread trimming and color management.
- Reliability: These machines are known for their consistent performance and low maintenance requirements.  Relatively easy to find a tech to work on these machines and the parts are readily accessible.

ZSK: German Engineering Excellence
ZSK embroidery machines are synonymous with German engineering excellence. They offer a blend of precision and craftsmanship. The single heads are their greatest machines.  Fast and precise.  The four head version seems to struggle on caps and is not suited for a multi- garment facility.  Know for having many accessories and the fastest stitching machines on the market. Here's an overview:

- Price Range: ZSK machines typically range from $20,000 to $80,000, depending on the configuration.  One of the most expensive machines on the market.
- Speed and Efficiency: ZSK machines are known for their high-speed embroidery and efficiency.
- Versatility: They can handle a wide range of materials and designs, making them a versatile choice.

- Reliability:  Single head and 6 heads operate great across flats and caps.  The four head machine seems to have a flaw that even the plant can't figure out.  It struggles with caps and needle breaks.  Very expensive to fix and minimal techs that are knowledgeable. 

Choosing the Right Machine for You

Selecting your first embroidery machine is a significant decision. To make the right choice, consider factors like your budget, the type of designs you plan to create, and your long-term business goals. Don't forget to factor in training and maintenance costs.

Remember, Arnold Prints® trusts Barudan machines for a reason - their unmatched stitch quality and 3D Puff capabilities. Whether you're starting a new embroidery venture or upgrading your equipment, investing in a quality machine is essential for achieving professional results.


In the world of embroidery, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Barudan, Tajima, and ZSK are three leading brands that offer exceptional quality and performance. Make your choice based on your specific needs and goals. Of course there are many other machines on the market, but quite frank they are not worth mentioning.  And if you're looking for top-tier stitch quality and 3D Puff designs, just like Arnold Prints®, Barudan is the brand to trust.

Ready to take the next step in your embroidery journey? Contact Arnold Prints® today to explore our range of stunning embroidered products and see the magic of Barudan embroidery machines in action.