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Arnold Prints Screen Printing is second to none and provides a great product at an economical value.


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T-shirt screen printing that's easy and fun

Everyone loves custom t-shirts. It can be a way to promote a business or group. A means of making a living through apparel branding and or advertising. T- shirt printing has been voted as the highest ranked form of advertising to date. Every one wears shirts; why not wear one that promotes and or stands for something? Arnold Prints will work with you on any project you may have. We have cost efficient printing and delivery for any need.


Customize your shirts just like a pro

Send us your own custom high quality designs or have our design team make your dream apparel. Our approval process is seamless making your print experience quick and with ease. Feel free to utilize our custom design software for realtime designing and file submission. Our software can give you a live mockup and help you with your creativity.


Our service process

Step 1: Artwork Submission and Apparel Specs

In this stage the customer provides their design for approval and separation for screen printing. Arnold Prints requires high-resolution files for the utmost quality of prints. Apparel specs are needed next including brand, type, color, sizing, and print colors desired. Ideally, a spreadsheet and mockup of the desired print is the best practice. Contact Arnold Prints for more info.

Step 2: Artwork Approval, Ordering, & Payment

Our design team will get in contact with you to verify the job specifications and the breakdown of the print. At this time we will go over pricing, shipping, and timeline. Once Art is approved by Arnold Prints and the client we will move onto the deposit for printing for contact work. All retail jobs will require payment in full before printing and or order begins.

Step 3: Separations - Film Positives & Screens Created

In this step Arnold Prints separates the colors for printing. Most prints are base on CMYK printing and or spot colors. Films are then printed to prepare for exposing on emulsion coated screen print screens. Each color equates to a screen prepared. Keep this in mind when pricing out your apparel designs. The films are placed on the screens then exposed on a UV light source. After the exposure is complete the screens are washed out with water leaving a stencil for printing. Once the screens are dry and post curred; they are taped off and ready for the press.

Step 4: Pre Press & Test Print

After the screen is created they must be placed on the press and aligned. This requires each screen to precisely be in line with the next. After the screens are all registered; ink is applied and a test print is done.

Step 5: Production

During this phase the garments are printed. Then cured in a UV dryer. If colors are needed to be changed during production addition fees may apply. In order to change the colors during production, the staff must clean all of the old ink off the screen with chemicals and retest the print using the new color. This step ad on additional products including; time, chemical, tape, and paper towels. Due to this increased process; Arnold Prints suggest to keep it at a minimum to achieve the quickest turnaround at an affordable cost.

Step 6: Post Production: Folding, tagging, bagging

In this phase the apparel has been cured allowing the ink to be long-lasting. The apparel is taken off the UV Dryers conveyor belt and then folded. Arnold Prints folds the shirts by size in half and loads into the box. If individual retail folding is needed with tagging and or bagging can be done at an additional cost. After inspection and folding the apparel is prepared for shipping and delivery.

Step 7: Delivery

Arnold Prints will package your apparel and ship with one of our many shipping partners. If you require expedited and or rush delivery; let us known. Our Shipping Carriers are: - USPS - UPS - FEDEX

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