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What is PermaPress Hi-Res Vinyl Transfer?

Our Perma Press process is capable of full color and single color designs. The process is similar to heat transfer vinyl. We are able to print sheets for sale ready to apply and or apply your custom designs to many substrates.

PermaPress FAQ

How Durable Is PermaPress And What Does It Feel Like?

Manufactuers rate our PermaPress durabilty to 30 washes. This is estimated to last around two years before cracking and or peeling per the manufactuer. The feel is slightly plastic or rubberish to the touch. Some state a full color print may have a paper like feel until washed then it softens up.

What Is The Average Turnaround Time For PermaPress Vinyl?

Our current turn around is 1-2 weeks on this process. Shipping cost are low due to light weight and thickness of prints..

Why Choose PermaPress Vinyl Over A Regular Direct To Garment/Digital Print?

The PermaPress is a a great option for low run counts of garments. This allows the enduser to print on demand and also cut down on cost due to heat pressing on their own if they wish. This process is great for those rush jobs, small run of shirts, family vacation shirts, bridal parties, etc..

How Do I Place An Order For PermaPress Vinyl?

Placing an order for PermaPress is simple! Call us at 561.951.2523 or email us at sales@arnoldprints.com and one of our project specialists will be happy to help get you started.

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25+ Sheets
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