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Our Embroidery team strives for perfection. We will work with you every step of the way. We believe the more informed the customer is everyone wins.


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Embroidery Digitizing & Puff Additional Costs

Jacket Back
Hat Designs
3D Puff add on
Tagging & Bagging

Get Custom Embroidered Shirts, Hats & Faster

Our Embroidery department utilizes commercial grade Barudan machines. What this means is high-speed production and great stitching. We are capable of hundreds of pieces per day. We do specialize in hat embroidery; which most struggle with. We also can do 3D Puff embroidery which many companies can not do. Our team is experienced and will assist you with any questions. Feel free to contact our design department for custom quotes and or design ideas.

- Barudan Machines 12 Heads

- Tajima Single Head Machine

- 3D Puff Design

- Large format field of Sewing

Need Embroidered Apparel for your local group and or hospital?  Call Us!

At Arnold Prints we are glad to give group discounts and volume discounts.  Contact us for custom quotes on your special projects.  We would be glad to make custom apparel for your local groups and or hospital departments.  In the past we have done the following:

- Hospital Department Jackets

- Bags

- Hats for different organizations

- Group Polos for organizations

- Corporation apparel

Our Embroidery Services Process

At Arnold Prints, we will guide you the entire way.  Embroidery appears to be difficult, but with our highly trained staff, it is made easy.  From design selection to testing we have your back!  Provided us your artwork with specifics on locations: hat front, left chest, back, above the pocket, neckline, sleeve, side of the hat, and etc.  If you would like certain colors replacing on various shirts let us know we can help.  After the artwork and specs are given we will send off for approval prior to digitizing.  Digitizing is the artwork and stitch pattern that loads into the machine.  We can use pre-digitized files provided, but to ensure the best result we prefer to have our digitizers make new designs for our specific machines.  The files we work with are in Wilcom the industry standard EMB files and DSTs.  Be aware of the home machines with PES files that result in poor quality will be refused and need to be re-digitized.

Our Embroidery Design Samples and Stitch out Sheets

After digitizing your design we will send you the stitch out sheet and mockup stitching pictures.  On all small designs, we do a physical stitch out to ensure quality prior to production.  If you would like to see the physical stitch out please let us know.  If custom colors are needed; be aware additional fees may apply.  We are able to Pantone match for specific situations as well.  This is a common practice with businesses and apparel brands.

Step 1: Submit File

Submit your artwork in various formats.  Ideally highest resolution possible 72 DPI min., 150DPI ideal, and 300 or greater DPI is best.

- Specify colors for each garment

- Specify colors for each component of design if different than design supplied

- Location of embroidery desired

- Sizing of embroidery estimations

Step 2: Approval & Digitizing

Once the specs and designs have made it to our design team we will notify you of any issues or suggestions.  Once approved by the design department and the customer; it's off to digitizing.

Step 3: Approval of Stitch Design and or Stitch out

Once Arnold Prints receives the design back from our digitizing team we will share the design for approval.  We will receive the design and provide a stitch out sheet; indicating the number of stitches for pricing, the number of colors, and dimensions.  We also will submit a true-view also known as mockup of the desired stitching.  If you would like a actual physical stitch out; let us know.  Once approved by the customer it is off to production.

Step 4: Embroidery

This is the final step in embroidery.  During our production stage, our embroidery team stitches your custom designs on your desired apparel.  After stitching is completed the garments are checked for quality, trimmed, and folded.  We fold free of charge as it ensures the shirts have minimal wrinkles and avoids our competitor's laundry look...  If you would like us to bag or tag we are capable for an additional cost.

Step 4: Delivery

This is the last step of Arnold Prints production.  We will safely pack your garment and ship them to you as quickly as possible.  Contact us for expedited or rush orders.





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