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Our service is built with fundementals to supply the customer experience that they can understand easily printing process. Not all prints are printed the same.


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Your Order Will Arrive On Time

At Arnold Prints every order is important. We do our absolute best to make sure your order is delivered on the specified time frame. We do have rush delivery options at an additional fee. Running late on a project or just thought of the idea; no problem. We ship anywhere in the USA and we have access to all major shipping entities. .

All File Types Are Accepted


When submitting your art work keep in mid that the best prints start with great art. We do accept various forms of art and can use them to make your custom swag. We do however suggest that you supply vectorized art and or the highest resolution possible. Common successful file types include Adobe Illustrators: AI or EPS file, Adobe Photoshops: TIFF or PSD files, and or any other 300dpi or greater files. We also accept Corel filde .CDR if needed. Feel free to contact us with any questions on file types or sizing.



Pixelation is a design term for a distorted image leaving poor quality, dots, and or rough edges in print. Arnold Prints is commited to printing the absolute best prints possible. Sometimes prints only come out as good as what was supplied. Arnold Prints does have the right to reject artwork due to poor file resolution or pixelation. We do suggest high DPI 300 or greater and or vectorized files to combat this issue. By providing vectorized AI and or EPS files; we can size up and down with no loss of resolution. Knowledge is the key and you are on the way to awesome prints!

Placement & Centering


Placement and Centering is key to a great design. When submitting artwork beaware if the design is centered and in the appropriate print location. Arnold Prints can help with Centering on the actual printed garment; please specifiy if you have an unusual placement that you would like us to forfill. Our typical front chest placement is 2-3" below the collar. Our left chest placement is based off sizing of shirts but does run verticle with the shoulder seam of the neck and horizontal to the sleeve. Our Back of the shirt placements can either be at the neck, shoulders, or full back 2-4" below the neck line. For best results submit a mockup to us and or specs for printing. Note that the national average of variability is around 1/4".

Removing Background Colors On Your Uploaded Images


Please screen your print submissions prior to sending. Be aware that some designs may have a bounding box. If you do not want a backgournd then clear it out and make it transparent on the submitted files. This can be easily done in any photo editing programs. If you have any questions feel free to contact our design team.

Color Changes


Need color changes to your submitted prints? Arnold Prints can accomodate your needs. We do have a color change fee for screen printing due to chemical cost and downtime. For best results please send a mockup with specifics on requests.

Changing Your Uploaded Design


Need to re-submit or change your design prior to printing? This can easily be done. Feel free to contact our design department and submit your new request. Be aware that this can delay your printing as we must insure quality and approval of the new submissions. Check over the designs and spelling as once it is approved and printed it is non refundable. Note that full color designs may vary in color slightly due to the color calibration of modern day monitors. Arnold Prints will do are best to suggest any improvements and or comment on possible problems forseen.

Adjusting Print Size On Orders With Youth And Adult Apparel


Arnold Prints is commited to providing the best prints possible. That being said be aware that shirt sizing can make prints look different. Examples are adult size shirts with and adult design on youth shirt. An adult design on a youth shirt may look large and or not fit. Also a childs design may look very small on a adult shirt. One other instance to consider is a adult design on S-XL shirt on a 3XL or greater. The larger shirt requires enlargement of the design to look its best. We suggest making individual screens and or adjustments for each size or style. This may incure an additional fee due to materials and setup needed. If you are fine with using the same size logo on various shirt sizes and or media; let us know prior to printing. We will do our best to keep you informed and also give you options for optimal printing.


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