Why Arnold Prints® Uses the Best screen print press on the market.

Welcome to the newest addition to the Arnold Prints® Team!

M&R Cobra 8/10 with flashes and hothead


This year is the time to part with our older TUFF Javelin circa 1998 6/8 Automatic Print Press.  This was our first automatic screen print press. We have owned this machine for about 4-5 years now.  It has been great and got us through some bulk orders.  We have put many upgrade on it during the ownership.  It has a few notable upgrades:  Flash back unit on head one, Chopper on head 1&6, Flash unit on head 3, and the heads have been converted using Workhorse Sabre parts.  This has gotten us through the years and now we are looking at upgrading to help efficiency and get into digital print with the Digital Squeegee.  The Javelin has definitely  done what we bought it for, but now is the time to step it up.  


Our company has been based on private label brands and word of mouth marketing.  We have purchased this new Cobra press in order to supply a new standard of printing.  We now have the capability to mat down fibers and smooth prints with the M&R Hot Head Unit.  This will set us apart as no one in our county is using this new technology.  What this means is super soft prints and accurate color lay-down on the under-base.  Also the efficiency of the machine will allow us to do more complex jobs at a faster turnaround.  Allowing our company to scale and better lead time.  The end result will be everyone prospering.

We use the Best Presses in the industry.

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