Art & Vector Design Services and Techniques

Art & Vector Design Services and Techniques

The art of design can seem complicated, but here at Arnold Prints® we have a great team to simplify the process.


Our team is highly specialized in web design & apparel design.  We are able to help take your brand or business to the next level.  Our knowledge is ever expanding with the industries newest technologies. 


Great art starts with clean precise designs.  Our team uses the Adobe suite to create high quality vector art.  Vector art is the staple of the print industry and allows resizing without limits or pixelation of the design.  What this means?  Super crisp designs without that edgy or fuzzy look.  The main difference between vector and raster graphics is that raster graphics are composed of pixels, while vector graphics are composed of paths.This helps make your brand stand on a level all of it's own and screams we are legit!


Adobe Illustrator:  Uses AI, EPS, or PDF for vector art

Adobe Photoshop:  Uses PSD, JPEG, PNG for raster art


Another feature that can be common with Adobe illustrator is easy spot colors as the vectors are almost always print ready.  This is the preferred format for most print shops.  This means the colors are easy to separate and typically feature no gradients or halftones.  The colors are either layered or butted up to each other.


Photoshop on the other hand uses pixels and can feature unlimited colors and gradients.  This does make the type of printing and or separation for screen printing more difficult.  The reason is screen printing in spot color separates single colors and can not pull gradients easily.  If using a simulated process or CMYK process colors gradients to a certain extent can be pulled off, but you may have some loss of vibrancy or accuracy of the print.


If you are looking for designs for inspiration try out these following sources.


The book featured in the Blog image is Draplin Design Co..  Draplin is highly known for his unique style and awesome vector art.  His art has been seen in almost all the major apparel brands or sports companies.  This book is a great ready and awesome to have around the shop.  It helps with design layouts and colorways.  Aaron Draplins designs are bold and classic clean that everyone likes.  We use this book for design ideas for logos and patches daily.  It also makes for some great sticker ideas as vector art is kind in that space.  Feel free to check it out on Amazon with the link down below.

Where to Purchase Aaron Draplin Pretty Much Everything Book:


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